Machine Components

RESPECTA® Metering and Mixing machines are used for the production of continually high-quality products in many industries, for instance also as mobile plants specifically designed to fit into standard sea containers, for Offshore applications or even in the deserts. Every machine is custom-made and specially designed for the processing of widely varied raw materials.


Process Flexibility by Retrofittable Components

Innovative raw materials that enable our customers to develop new products or improve specifications of existing ones, are continually appearing on the market. To ensure high process flexibility – for example if using new filler types, resin binders or additives –, our machines are designed so that modules can be added to them or replaced later, for example peripherals that are often very easy to self-install on-site and without causing long interruptions of the production process (“Plug & Play”). Below are some examples of our range of such components:

Solids Metering system

Interchangeable hopper and metering tool, customised to the filler specifications and required metering ranges. Made with quick-coupling and electrical plug connection.

Lightweight Filler Metering system

Depending on specifications of a lightweight filler with its structure and bulk density and required metering quantities, for example as an additional peripheral unit.

Liquid Metering system

Peripheral unit for e.g. additional binder components like resins, hardeners, additives, colour pigments. Mobile unit on wheels with pump, drive, valve, electrical plug, etc.

Contrast Colour (Veining) system

For adding 1 to 4 contrast colours to decorative mixtures (“marble effect”).

Electrical Flow Heating system

Controlled Heating of e.g. Resin, using Thermo-oil with electrical heating elements. For improving process conditions like mixture reactivity or for reducing viscosity of highly viscous liquids.

Mass Flow Measuring

by Coriolis principle. To precisely measure and re-adjust a liquid component or the entire mixture, e.g. for parameters like quantity, viscosity, density, temperature. Also records the data and creates log files for QM (product traceability, etc.).

Metering and Filling station

PLC controlled portioning system for e.g. nonreactive liquids filling in tanks, containers and bottles.

Filler Big Bag station with Feeder

Automatic station taking filler from big bags to feed a continuous processing system. Station/Feeder specifications according to requirements like type of filler (flour, powder, granulate fractions), process conditions, etc.

Bag discharge station with Filler Feeder

For small bag (e.g. 25kg) filler manual emptying and automated material feeding to a continuous processing system.

3D-movable machine on xyz-axes

Machine mounted on a platform, electrically swivelling or moving right/left and/or moving forwards/backwards and/or hydraulically rising/lowering. Joystick-operation.

Solvent distiller

For effective regeneration of used solvents. Various standard capacities available.

In addition to the RESPECTA® Machine Technology, dependant on the product, certain filling process conditions in a manufacturing line may require special equipment for example weighing stations, various types of moulds, presses or continuously operating single/double-belt systems. Upon request, with our decades of know-how we can support our customers in choosing suitable equipment and reliable partner companies.

There are many possibilities to further optimise your processes. Please discuss your own ideas and wishes with our experienced Technical Engineers!