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RESPECTA® was founded in 1969 as a privately owned company in Wülfrath (near Düsseldorf), Germany. Nowadays, our company with its decades of experience and references around the world stands for the highest quality and reliability in tailor-made Machinery and Processing Technology for Automated Multi-component Machines for Continuous Metering and Mixing.

Already in the early 70s, our machines were installed for innovative products on international markets and this formed the basis for our high export level of RESPECTA® machines. At first mainly in the field of preparing highly reactive mixtures (polymer concrete), our economical solution for the manufacture of high-quality cast elements in a compact production line, with much higher capacity and much faster process compared to traditional batch systems, quickly became accepted in many European countries as well as in Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America.


In the USA, since 1975 our large models of Continuous Casting Machines are operating with capacities of more than 10,000 kg per hour (for producing huge acid tanks) and our special design of mobile RESPECTA® Machine on a truck was operating in New York to coat the driveways of Brooklyn Bridge. Until today, alone our customers in the North American Sanitary industry (Kitchen and Bath) are using more than one hundred of our Casting Machines “Made in Germany” - being the hearts of their automated production plants.


Based on our market success in the USA at the beginning of the 80s, innovative research and developments took place in process-controlled precise metering of every component and recipe-controlled optimisation of high-quality mixtures in reproducible colours for the decorative industry, as well as the preparation of absolutely void-free mixtures, for example for hygienic pore-free panels of kitchen worktops (Solid Surface). Resulting from this are our patents filed in 1986 and 1991 for the Continuous Degassing system which is the basis for our subsequent VacuCast® machine series launched in 1998, finally enabling the continuous metering, mixing and degassing in seconds within a single operating cycle. Today, RESPECTA VacuCast® is the most effective technology for highly-filled mixtures with no air inclusions, used around the world in numerous applications of various industries.


As a company producing customised machines for customer-specific processing technologies of nearly every kind of solid and liquid substances, it is of advantage and very useful to operate our own Technical Centre and Laboratory for ongoing research and development of our machinery range and its newest components. Moreover, this is also of great use to our customers: On request, our technical engineers perform project-specific casting tests using customer’s original raw materials, and also we advise and support a client in the development of their own recipes and processes.


With this Technical Centre and Lab, since our expansion in 2011 now with 600 m² area for tests, here we provide our customers for their new tasks, two VacuCast Mixing plants in full industrial scale, containing machines with a wide variety of specifications and different capacity ranges. Enabling our customers to utilise technically and economically superior technology concepts corresponding to the latest raw material/market developments. For their flexible production processes and future-oriented automated operations.


With the competent project consultation of RESPECTA®, the development of intelligent process technology is always oriented towards the requirements and interests of our customers. Your ideas and expectations are discussed and coordinated with our know-how, if beneficial also with the support from our strong partnerships with experts from the global raw material industry. Your project will be assisted by our team of technical engineers and process control specialists, until an economical automated solution is realised - and also for many years to follow, as an important part of our very comprehensive customer service.

Über uns

From the design and assembly of the machines here at RESPECTA®, to their installations, commissioning and the on-site launch of your production line – you can rely on RESPECTA® with its decades of know-how, that many satisfied customers around the world can attest to. Ask for References!